Business English Courses

Our Business Intensive English courses are designed to improve your everyday spoken and written English and especially to promote fluency in business communication. The Practical Business English(PBE) is designed to test a candidate’s ability to survive in a business environment using English as the language of communication.

We provide high-end practical training with most updated international business and language training tools and enable the candidates to explore the maximum of each opportunity and every situations. We conduct an examination at the end which is highly confidential and very well known in the world of international business for it’s integrity and standard.

Aim of the examination is to test whether candidates:

(a) Possess adequate language for short communication and practical needs.

(b) Are able to understand straightforward forms of business communication.

Specially Designed for Whom?

PBE is highly relevant for anyone who needs English for his or her work, and most appropriate to those who need to prove that they can survive in a business environment using English as the language of communication. It can also be used by training organizations as a useful tool to assess the level of a candidate’s ability in English before placing them in a group for training, for example as a placement test. This is possible because Kay issues to candidates an exact percentage score and grade on the test.

The examination consists of 50 multiple choice questions in 3 sections:

(a) Grammar recognition

(b) Business vocabulary

(c) Business interpretation

The length of the examination is one hour.






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