Lesson 3

Lesson 3

People, Places, Nationalities  and The Question Where?

Remember that Who = People, What = Things and Where = Places

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Q: Is India a city?

A: No, India isn’t a city. India is a country


Q: And New Delhi. Is New Delhi a city or a country?

A: New Delhi is a city, a capital city. New Delhi is the capital city of India.


Q: Is New Delhi in Bangladesh?

A: No, New Delhi isn’t in Bangladesh. New Delhi is in India.

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Where do you come from? / Where are you from? = Where were you born or raised?

Where do you live? = Where do you live now?

Where are you staying? = Temporary accommodation.


QUESTION                                 SHORT ANSWER             LONG ANSWER

“What’s your name?”                      It’s Mansoor                         My name is Mansoor

“What’s your full name?”              “It’s Kay Mansoor.”             “My full name is Kay Mansoor.”

“Where do you come from?”        From India                            I come from India

“Where do you live?”                     In Doha                                  I live in Doha

“What nationality are you?”         I’m Indian                             My nationality is Indian



Question                                                         Short one-word answer

“What is your name?”                                             “Mansoor.”

“What’s your full name?”                                       “Kay Mansoor.”

“Where do you come from?”                                India

“What country do you come from?”                   India

“Where are you from?”                                          India

“Where do you live?”                                             Qatar

“What nationality are you?”                                Indian



What is your name please                               :           Mr. Mansoor

Do you come from Dubai?                              :           No, I come from Kerala

Do you live in Kerala?                                      :           No, I live in Doha

Are you Indian?                                                :            Yes, I am

Thank you                                                          :           You’re welcome

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