English Camp

Learn practical language skills and practice your English with other students during our 21 day teacher-lead group conversation camp. We conduct this special 21 days full time camp for people who have limited time to learn English. Here participants have to stay with trainers at all the school hours.

Intensive English Program courses are carefully developed to meet the needs of each student’s unique skillset and goals across all levels of language proficiency, from beginner to advanced.

Class sizes are kept small and instruction is interactive, giving you the opportunity to receive individualized attention, collaborate with one another, and optimize your learning. Students attend class for 48 hours each week, and can supplement their in-class studies with available conversation groups and language labs. KMSE workshops are also included and available as additional support.

Courses focus on reading, writing, listening, speaking, and pronunciation all taught by expert teachers. You have your choice of focus classes to complement your academic program and can participate in conversation groups with IELTS / TOEFL students each week.

  • High-quality English instruction in small, interactive classes held on KMSE’s campus
  • Focus classes and language labs geared to your interests
  • IELTS admission assistance through group application workshops
  • Meetings with KMSE International Academy Partner Schools (some accept completion of KMSE International Academy Proficiency level in lieu of a TOEFL/IELTS score admissions requirement)
  • Support from a dedicated team of academic, immigration, and student advisers
  • Full access to campus facilities: libraries and computer labs, medical center, restaurants and cafes


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