Native spontaneous English flows neither in words nor in sentences. It flows in idea units. An idea unit is a group of words that conveys a single piece of information. 50 per cent of native spontaneous English made up of such idea units. Such idea units don’t qualify to be sentences of the written English type. 50 per cent of idea units of native spontaneous English speech are made up of very small sentences containing five or six words on an average and seven or eight words at the most. Native speakers of English, when they speak spontaneously produce such idea units as a string connecting them with the help of speech composition features.

In order to be perfect in communicative English, you must speak alike native English speakers. This book is all about more than 500 native everyday English phrases categorized as three groups according to its usage, importance and level of presentation such as casual conversation is always extremely different from business communications. If you could practice all these phrases and when you apply these phrases in the exact places, that does mean you’re a perfect speaker of good English.

This book is designed as a self study tool for intermediate learners. Order your copy here

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